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Take your property business to the next level

Get customised advice and marketing guidance to reach your sales goals – book a 1-hour 1:1 consultation call with a property marketing expert. 

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Property Marketing Consultion

how it works

Contact me to book your time slot.

£175 paid in advance

Fill out a pre-call form online and tell me what you would like help with

Call confirmation
(via phone or video chat)

1-hour 1:1 session takes place

Within 24 hours

Follow-up email with recap of call with actionable steps to move forward

Q&A email

I’ll check in one week after the initial call to see if you require additional support 

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Tailored Advice

With a 1-hour consultation, you get personalised advice on your specific goals and needs from a highly experienced and qualified marketing property expert

Direct support

Through the direct interaction with a 1-1 call, get to know your individual marketing issues in order to provide you with targeted solutions for your current situation

Long-term results

Take advantage of our deep dive into your needs to build up an action plan for sustainable long-term results for your business

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