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"Gemma has introduced a new approach to launching products to our database via email marketing and the bespoke strategy has led to an increase in sales."

“Gemma and the Bright Leopard team have been superb from day one. Having worked with Gemma on projects for years now, I was always confident that Bright Leopard Marketing would deliver on everything we task them with. They’ve been excellent thus far with helping build brands, PR, but mostly campaign management. Give these guys a brief and it’ll get turned around in an astonishing timeframe with impeccable quality.

I can’t recommend them enough and will continue to work with them for as long as possible.”



"I would gladly give Gemma a 5 out of 5-star service rating."

“Gemma has really helped me through a challenging period with my property investment company by helping me find creative content solutions, which in turn has helped generate warm inbound lead traffic and sales results from our database. 

Gemma really took the time to listen to what was needed and find solutions, and she has delivered some great results so far with regards to our company’s content needs. 

As a result, we have seen an immediate increase in sales results in the past few months since employing her for her services. She is a superstar in copywriting and content creation services and has an excellent knowledge of the property market, too, as well as working well with my existing team members to ensure they are executed on time and efficiently.”

"Gemma’s property industry expertise and understanding of how to market developments to investors and end-users is second to none."

“Her ability to interpret the sector and deliver detailed website copy, guides and product brochures has helped us to market projects across the UK.”


Kat Matthews, CERT Property.

"Gemma was always proactive, quick to respond and knowledgeable about the topics at hand."

“We had a great response to our debut podcast episode following a great email from Gemma.”

"When I was launching my business on social media, I didn't have a clue how to reach new clients or market my services."

“Gemma’s knowledge and experience have been so valuable, helping me get to grips with likes, hashtags and making my Instagram account look professional. Her tips and guides are informative but also easy to follow – I would highly recommend Gemma if you want to build your business and attract new clients on social media and with your website or blog.”


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