Email Marketing Ideas For Real Estate: How To Stand Out In A Crowded Inbox

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How can you stand out in the crowded inbox of your real estate prospects? By sending personalised, targeted emails that offer value, lead people to action and help them achieve their goals faster than they could on their own. It’s not as hard as it might seem, though. When you know what to do and when to do it, it’s easy to see why real estate email marketing works so well.

What Is Real Estate Email Marketing

Real estate email marketing is a great way to build trust between your company and potential buyers by delivering high-value information about topics they are interested in straight to their inboxes.

If used correctly, it keeps communication between your agency and leads, nurturing them into sales.

There are a couple of things to remember when creating an email marketing campaign for your real estate business. First, your tone should be friendly, clear and professional. Remember that what makes your business stand out is how it communicates with its customers and clients over email.

Why Do People Receive So Many Emails

According to email marketing firm Yesmail, Americans receive a staggering 6.5 emails daily from companies and brands (that number goes up to more than 15 emails per day for people who work in business). With so many emails landing in people’s inboxes, it can be hard to stand out. But with an email strategy that includes personalisation, valuable content and some creative ideas, you can get your offers, news or updates delivered right where your leads want them—their inboxes.

Planning Your First Campaign

When you’re first starting, start with automations for website forms and paid advertising campaigns. Use these welcome automations to guide people through your product funnels as they learn more about what you do. As they move down your marketing funnel, they can be introduced to other automation triggers like product downloads and events. Track everything to know which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

The Most Important Element of a Good Subject Line

When you send out a newsletter or email marketing campaign, you want to ensure it stands out in your subscribers’ inboxes. It’s crowded there, with so much content vying for attention. Be direct and clear about what your newsletter will contain; don’t be vague. Keep that subject line short—readers tend to skim, and they don’t want to have to click through. The most important rule of thumb: avoid spam words!

Turning Subscribers Into Leads

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is getting subscribers to trust you. And how do you build trust? With good information! Do your research, segment data to send only relevant information, answer common questions, address concerns, and build trust with your subscribers. Start with short, snappy subject lines that encourage interest; use listserv software like ConvertKit (or whatever software your real estate brokerage uses) to target different demographics.

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Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes in Real Estate E-Mail Marketing

Sending out one bulk email to everyone on your list may work if you sell products, but it doesn’t cut it in real estate. Instead, you need to take the time to develop a targeted strategy that capitalises on a homebuyer’s emotions or an investor’s goals and draws them into your business.

To succeed, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Only sending sales pitches
  • Not segmenting data properly
  • Not using data to guide your strategy
  • Use time-zone sends if the option is available if your leads are based overseas
  • Bulk sends – spammy and lazy
  • Remember to clean your list and remove people who do not engage with your emails
  • Always include the client name and an unsubscribe link
  • Buying in data – big no-no (and against GDPR rules)
  • Make sure you are a member of the ICO
  • Use A/B testing to get the subject line right

Need Help With Your Email Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agency?

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