What to do when business is slow

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When you run your own business or freelance, the time between clients, contracts, or sales can feel like forever. Even if you are the most meticulous planner, it is easy to go from shero to zero overnight.

12 steps for when business is slow

If business is slow, uses these 12 simple tips to get you back on track, increase sales and make money again.

  • Remember, it is OK to take time off. This could be a great time to spend some time with loved ones or get some well-earned rest
  • Contact your existing clients for a review
  • Audit your website and Social Media channels to see what content is converting
  • Learn something new – access an online course to enhance your skills
  • Try a new Social Media platform – think about your target audience and whether you can reach them using a new platform. You can repurpose existing content that has worked well in the past
  • Create Buyer Personas for your ideal clients. Fill out the form to access a step-by-step PDF guide to build Buyer Personas for your business
  • Create a content strategy that appeals to your Buyer Personas
  • Build a new lead magnet and promote it over SM
  • Get organised – tackle your to-do list so you don’t feel overwhelmed when business picks up
  • Take a look at your accounts. Are there any subscriptions or services you no longer need to cut back on your outgoings?
  • Stop, collaborate and listen. Network with people in your niche and shoulder niches to collaborate – think email marketing, IG Live, podcasts, interviews, and industry-related publications
  • Book a 1:1 call with a marketing professional who can help you to plan your strategy to get new business or find opportunities within your current database. Contact Bright Leopard Marketing, today.

Although it might feel like 84 years, the time between clients won’t last forever! So, use these simple tips to get organised and ready to welcome new clients.

For more information about how Bright Leopard Marketing can help you build a business strategy for when business is slow, contact me today.

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