7 Types of Buyer Personas You Need to Know What is a Buyer Persona? Benefits, Templates, and How to Create

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What exactly is a buyer persona? Simply put, it’s an archetype created from statistics and information about the type of person likely to purchase your product or service.

The better you know your buyer personas, the easier it will be to market to them and make sales. This feature covers everything you need to know about the most popular types of buyer personas (7 in total), how to create them, and what benefits they bring you. We’ve also included free templates so you can get started right away!

1) What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional overview which represents ideal customers based on research and accurate data. The goal is to create a realistic picture of your customers and what they want/need. There are seven types of buyer personas that you need to know, which we will cover in this blog post.

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2) The benefits of using buyer personas

A buyer persona will provide valuable insights into the customers’ needs and behaviours. These insights can guide how your business conveys its marketing messages, delivering the information to the right audience at the right time and on the right platform.

The more detailed and accurate your buyer personas are, the better you will be able to address customer needs appropriately.

A buyer persona should be created for each stage in your marketing funnel—awareness, consideration, purchase—and for each type of customer: consumer or business-to-business (B2B). A typical marketer might use two or three types of buyer personas per stage.

Buyers come from diverse backgrounds and have different interests. They want different things and respond to different messages depending on who they are and where they are in the buying process.

3) How to create a buyer persona

If you need help with what to include when creating buyer personas for your business, download our free guide and follow the steps to build your own. We’ll walk you through the process and give you tips for deciding which type of persona fits your business best.

4) The different types of buyer personas

There are lots of different types of buyer personas. According to Euromonitor’s Survey team, there are seven global consumer types:

Undaunted Striver
Impulsive Spender
Balanced Optimist
Aspiring Struggler
Conservative Homebody
Independent Skeptic
Secure Traditionalist

5) B2B buyer persona

The B2B Buyer Persona A typical B2B buyer persona includes a business owner or professional who makes purchasing decisions for their company. For example, they might be a CEO, a marketing manager, or an IT director.

B2B buyers have different needs than consumer buyers. For example, the typical business buyer has different concerns than someone purchasing something for personal use. They also differ from consumer buyers because they know what solutions they need before buying. They’re more likely to use an established process such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or supply chain management (SCM).

6) What is a buyer persona in digital marketing?

Using buyer personas to guide your digital marketing strategy can be an effective way to create more targeted content. Your tone of voice, advertising, social media, or any other digital marketing tools you use will be more likely to appeal to your target audience. However, buyer personas are about far more than just marketing. As a whole, they help organisations understand their target customers better. If you’re not incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you are missing out on sales and building connections with your ideal clients.

7) Now you have a buyer persona, what’s next?

Once you’ve created a buyer persona, it’s time to revisit your marketing strategy. This could mean reallocating your ad spend and targeting certain social platforms where you know your ideal clients hang out online. It’s worth establishing a tone of voice for your brand so you can connect on a human level to the people on the other side of the computer. Finally, use your buyer personas to customise the sales funnel journey, like email marketing, by segmenting data and speaking directly to their goals or needs.

I hope you’ve found this feature on buyer personas useful. Remember to download your free copy of the Buyer Persona Workbook to help establish your customers. If you need expert advice on building a marketing strategy that works, contact Bright Leopard Marketing to book a free consultation.

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