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When creating a content marketing strategy, you must always consider what your ideal client needs to know before they buy.

What problem does your business/product solve for them?

Use this point to get creative and tell a story that empathises with your client’s pain points.

How will your business/product help them?

Now is the time to use educational content to show them how your business or product will help them. Video content is a great tool however, guides, blog posts, and infographics will also work.

Why should they trust your business/product to deliver promised results?

Use client reviews, business results, or user-generated content to showcase the powerful effects of your business or product.

Top tip: Before creating any marketing campaign, address these questions to ensure you are putting your ideal client at the heart of every decision.

Free Buyer Persona Worksheet

Make your life easier by downloading your copy of the Bright Leopard Marketing Buyer Persona worksheet. Use the worksheet to help you to determine who your ideal clients are and establish what type of content they require from your business to make an educated buying decision.

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