What to post on Instagram? 25 Content Ideas for Small Businesses

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Knowing what to post on Instagram is something that clients talk to me about on a daily basis.

They often feel like they are running around like a headless chicken, desperately taking photos, using different types of filters, or using templates on Canva that don’t align with their brand or messaging.

Does this sound familiar? Us women are juggling so many commitments already and planning what you should post in advance on Instagram feels like another mammoth task to add to the never-ending to-do list.

…I have some great news. Wondering what to post on Instagram stops here!

What should I post first?

If you are starting from scratch, access the free ultimate beginner’s guide to creating an Instagram account for business success, to ensure you set up your account properly.

For your first post, consider using your logo or a picture of yourself. Then use the caption to introduce yourself. Even if you start with zero followers, people who are new to your account will still be interested in your origin story.

Coming soon posts are great too. This is exactly what I published as my first Grid post on the Bright Leopard Marketing Instagram account.

Both options are simple, effective, and are adaptable for other Social Media platforms too.

What to post on Instagram for business?

Bright Leopard Marketing has compiled 25 Instagram content ideas for small businesses. Whether you are a bricks-and-mortar business, a service provider, or a product-based business, you will find inspiration and ideas for your next posts.

25 Instagram Content Ideas for Small Businesses

  1. About you – who is behind the brand?
  2. Your inspiration – what makes you do what you do?
  3. Behind the scenes – what is going on behind closed doors?
  4. Product previews – a sneak peek into upcoming collections
  5. A day in the life – show your workshop, desk or creative process
  6. Competition/giveaway (don’t forget to use a branded hashtag)
  7. Shoppable Grid post – use an incredible, single product image to drive sales
  8. Reviews – showcase what your clients have to say about you and build trust and credibility at the same time
  9. Sales and promos – tell people how to access planned promotions
  10. How-to content
  11. Inspirational quotes (make sure they suit your brand)
  12. Coming soon – get people excited about an upcoming event/sale
  13. Weekly schedule – great for teachers/workshops/events
  14. FAQs – have you noticed that you get asked the same questions by clients? Use multiple images on a Grid post to explain an answer
  15. Jump on trends – piggyback on popular memes, but tailor the messaging to your audience. It needs to be relevant!
  16. Celebrate International Awareness Days – get involved with International [insert awareness day] that suits your product/brand. For example, a dog treat company could hop on the back of National Pet Appreciation day
  17. Tell a story that people can engage with – a struggle or a funny story unique to you/your business
  18. Success stories – showcase how your service helped a client
  19. Celebrate the holidays – highlight the products you sell in advance of major holidays and events
  20. Thank your community – celebrate milestones including 100, 250, 500, 1k followers. Consider that your audience doesn’t want to be called a follower so use the word community instead!
  21. Educational content – what can you teach your audience about what you do?
  22. Hacks – simple, easy wins you can share with your audience
  23. Top 3/5 list – showcase your favourite [insert topic here]. For example, if you work in marketing, you could highlight your top Social Media platforms/tools
  24. Showcase your expertise – what makes you a leader or a brand to trust
  25. Sales pitch – don’t forget to sell yourself but don’t overdo it. Consider the jab, jab, hook method!

Most of the above content ideas for small businesses will work for Instagram Grid posts. Follow this link for Instagram Story ideas.

When to post on Instagram

Now you know what to post on Instagram, let’s talk about the best time to publish it.

With over 1 billion active monthly users, new content is being added to the platform all of the time. Knowing when to post on Instagram is something that will help you get your business in front of your audience when they are using the app, improving the chances that they will engage with the content you have taken time and effort in creating.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but you will be able to get instant access to the time of day your audience opens the app using Insights on Instagram.

I suggest you take some time to establish this information before posting and hoping for the best.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these ideas on what to post on Instagram. I hope I have helped to inspire your next post and if that is the case, I would LOVE it if you tagged @brightleopardmarketing to show me what you are working on. I love to engage with the Bright Leopard community.

Now go get ‘em, Leopard.

Hi, I’m Gemma, founder of Bright Leopard Marketing. 

I am passionate about sharing my 14 years of digital marketing knowledge and expertise with you to help you on your business journey. Read More >>

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