Email Marketing Basics for Any Business

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Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to engage and retarget leads.

In this feature, Bright Leopard Marketing walks you through email marketing basics that work for any business.

Why build an email list?

First of all, you own your data which means your business and marketing strategy will be less impacted by Google updates or algorithm changes on social platforms (or even social media blackouts).

  • Manage and market to data that you control
  • Send personalised and targeted campaigns
  • Build and nurture relationships with clients
  • Increase sale and ROI of paid ads
  • Add value to your business

What’s more, depending on the type of business you operate, your company will increase in value and will likely see a rise in sales if you build a database of engaged clients.

Want to nurture your leads into sales?

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How many emails should you send?

You should always consider the type of information you send to your clients. Send too many sales emails, and you will look spammy.

In my experience, 1-2 emails per week are the best approach.

Always think about your Buyer Personas and what value your email marketing communications are delivering before you hit the send button. Access your copy of our Buyer Persona Worksheet…

Try to mix educational content into your strategy and provide content that builds trust, answers client questions, and helps to position you/your company as a leader in your field.

Over the long term, you’ll nurture leads and likely benefit from an increase in product/service interest.

Knowing what emails to send and when

It is essential to segment your database to ensure you send the right content at the perfect time in the buyer’s journey.

If you struggle to segment data, start by looking at client interests, initial enquiry, or demographic info, including age, gender, location, and budget.

How to start nurturing your leads through emails?

Start with the basics, set up a welcome email to introduce new clients to your brand and offer an incentive to close a deal. Here is a proven welcome sequence that I’ve used many times.

Tap here for inspiration for different email marketing campaigns you can include in your business.

Email marketing for beginners
Learn email marketing for beginners and learn how to implement proven strategies to grow your business, increase sales, and build trust.

Top tips for email marketing

Most email marketing service providers have a range of tools and data reporting that will help guide your strategy based on the behaviour of your data.

Pay attention to trends and make the most of tutorials within your provider to understand the software and implement its teachings into your marketing efforts.

Here are some of my top tips:

  • Track your results
  • A/B test subject lines
  • Utilise time zone sends
  • Use data to determine the best time and day to send
  • Repurpose email content into blog posts

Need help with your email marketing strategy?

Contact Bright Leopard Marketing and discover how I can help you to transform your marketing strategy with a bespoke email marketing plan to grow your business and convert more leads into sales.

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