Grow client relationships with personalised welcome email sequences

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When shopping online, it is not uncommon to be asked for an email address in exchange for a discount or welcome offer. In fact, 38% of customers report that discounts are their main motivator for opting into a company’s marketing emails. Unfortunately, after receiving their discount, many people choose to unsubscribe.

As the competition among businesses intensifies, it is increasingly important to build and maintain relationships with potential customers. One great way to do this is with a carefully crafted welcome email sequence.

What is an email welcome sequence?

Welcome email sequences are composed of emails sent to new subscribers after signing up for a company’s email list. The main purpose of these emails is to establish a connection between the business and the customer and to inspire the customer to take action.

To add a sense of urgency to the sequence, include a time-sensitive offer, such as a discount code or a free trial. Bonus points if you can tailor it to the individual’s needs and interests.

Another important email to include in the sequence is the shopping cart abandonment email. This is triggered when a customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t complete their purchase. If sent at the right time, this email can remind the customer of the product they were interested in and encourage them to complete the purchase.

In order to increase your conversion rates, it is essential to nurture your leads into sales through welcome emails that provide valuable content, personalised recommendations, and a time-sensitive offer. However, in order to keep your new sign-ups interested in your business, it is important to avoid bombarding them with emails – remember that less is more.

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