The Email Marketing Strategy That Will Convert New Leads Into Clients

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You need to bring in leads whether you’re a service-based business or an eCommerce shop. But just because someone signs up for your email list doesn’t mean they’ll buy from you, especially if they’re not ready to pull the trigger on their purchase. A good email marketing strategy will close those sales and convert new leads into clients, turning 1:1 calls into buyers through email automation that can be easily managed from your inbox.

Want to jump on the latest trends? Check out this email marketing strategy for 2023.

Building an email marketing strategy

What is an automated sales funnel?

An automated sales funnel is a sequence of pre-written emails triggered by a client action like a web form submission or a lead retrieval from your database. Each email contains content related to nurturing and converting leads into paying customers.

Email marketing strategy
Email marketing strategy

How do I get started?

Sign up to an email sender like ConvertKit and get to know the software; then use their interactive templates and reports to explore what sort of emails work best with your audience. Email marketing is the backbone of most successful businesses, but you can’t effectively send out mass emails—you need to understand your clients. Also, you should learn how to send out personalised emails instead of sending one email blast to a huge list of contacts. Just send one email that would be personalised for every single contact.

When should I send my campaigns?

Emails sent to inactive clients are likely to get ignored. The best time to send emails is when you have something of interest to them, either by sending a personalised offer or deal, announcing company news or simply checking in with a client review. You must build trust with your clients before sending offers and deals through email. For your email marketing strategy for B2C, I recommend scheduling emails that pertain specifically to your audience (like an email blast), but not more than twice a week, so you don’t over-email your leads.

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What should I be sending?

The 3 most important components of an email marketing strategy for B2Cs are building trust with client reviews and testimonials, sending offers and deals to current clients, and updating customers with company news. Email marketing is a great way to build trust with your clients. Simply put a small form at bottom of emails where they can give you honest reviews and testimonials. Some templates even have landing pages built right in so that you can direct them back to your website if they have questions or comments.

How do I integrate it with my CRM and social media platforms?

ConvertKit is a great option for integrating with various platforms, including Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, Shopify and many more. Plus, you can use its drag-and-drop landing pages to build customised email templates. If you need more customisation or have a specific request outside of what ConvertKit offers, I recommend contacting them before moving forward.

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A checklist on how to get started with your own CRM lead nurture sequence

A CRM lead nurturing sequence is a powerful sales automation tool that helps you build a safe and secure list. With GDPR in place, understanding the law, building a safe and secure list and joining ICO will be crucial to any email marketing strategy in 2023. Here’s how to get started with your own CRM lead nurture sequence:

  • Access your free ConvertKit trial and see if it works for your business
  • Set up forms and landing pages on your site
  • Create a bespoke welcome sequence like this one
  • Get used to understanding data
  • Jump on these 2023 email marketing trends
  • Test subject lines and styles of emails to see what converts
  • Create interesting and valuable content

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