Use the Home Edit system to organise your content marketing strategy

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Confession time. Last weekend I binge-watched the latest season of Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix and resisted the urge to bulk buy baskets and containers online.

If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out, but essentially, the show is all about getting your home organised using the Home Edit’s tried and tested system: edit, categorise, contain, and maintain.

Sat on my sofa with my eyes glued to the telly, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between organising and content marketing, so I wanted to share how you can Home Edit your content strategy.

How to Home Edit your content marketing strategy?

  1. Edit
    Just like in the Netflix show, you need to start your content marketing strategy by editing. In this case, editing means going through your content across all channels (blog, email, socials) and determining what worked and what didn’t work. Don’t just look at vanity metrics, including likes, shares and followers. Instead, dive deeper into the types of content that converted into new leads or sales.
  2. Categorise
    Once you have established the types of content that deliver results that align with your business goals, you will need to categorise them into Content Pillars.

    When it comes to categorising, it is important to establish who your content is for before you create Content Pillars, which means you will need to know who you are speaking to – your ideal client. Fill out the form to access your Buyer Persona guide and worksheet.

    Once you know your audience, start with three or four Content Pillars; however, you can have more. Just ensure that you don’t have too many, and remember that you can use subcategories under one Content Pillar. For example, company updates can include reviews and testimonials alongside awards, changes to opening times and other practical info your clients will benefit from receiving.
  1. Contain
    In the latest season of the Home Edit, there were episodes where I thought, ‘There is no way you can store all of that stuff in the same place”, and then as if by magic, the team finds new storage opportunities for their items – the classic, using the walls and doors when you are short on shelf space approach.

    This part of the process is the equivalent of repurposing your content. Your content doesn’t have to be contained on one platform or just posted one time. Instead, think of new opportunities to give your content a longer shelf life. For example, repurpose a long-form blog post into multiple Social Media posts.

    If you struggle with this step, tap here for 10 easy ways to repurpose your content.
  1. Maintain
    Whether you post your content to a blog, an email list, or on Social Media platforms, it’s essential to maintain your content marketing strategy. Throughout the maintain step, you will need to keep a close eye on your weekly or monthly analytics and track what types of content are helping you to reach your business goals.

    Don’t skip this step. Otherwise, you will be back to the dreaded ‘I’ve pulled everything out of the cupboard, and I wish I hadn’t’ phase (i.e. step one).
Home Edit inspired method to organised your content marketing strategy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple content marketing strategy tips. Remember, caring is sharing, so please share this post.

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