5 Marketing Takeaways from the Barbie Campaign

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Barbie has been a cultural icon for over 60 years. The new Barbie movie has been the subject of much anticipation, and the marketing campaign has been a big part of that. The campaign has been all over the place, with a dizzying array of partnerships, products, and social media posts.

✨Whether you’re a Barbie fan or not (I’ve seen it. Loved it. Wanna go back for more!), here are 5 marketing takeaways ANY business can apply to an upcoming launch.

Be everywhere

The Barbie marketing campaign was everywhere. Billboards, radio, social media, influencers, you name it. Mattel used a variety of channels to reach their target audience, and it paid off. This is an important lesson for any business with an upcoming launch – spread your budget across more than one marketing channel. Use a variety of avenues to reach your target audience where they are. If you’re not sure where they hang out online, download your free copy of the Buyer Personal Worksheet.

When it comes to social media, one of the most notable aspects of the marketing campaign has been the use of memes. The film’s marketing team has been quick to embrace the memes that have been created around the movie, and they have even created their own memes. This has helped to keep the movie in the public eye and has generated a lot of buzz.

Use time to your advantage

The Barbie marketing campaign started months before the movie even came out. This gave them plenty of time to build up awareness and excitement. If you’re planning a big marketing campaign, don’t wait until the last minute. Have an internal countdown until your launch to give yourself plenty of time to build momentum across various marketing channels.

Leverage UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful marketing tool. The Barbie marketing campaign used UGC to great effect. They encouraged people to get involved and share their own Barbie-inspired photos and videos on social media. This created a sense of community and excitement around the brand.

Check this feature out if you need some help with UGC content ideas.

Target multiple audiences

The Barbie marketing campaign didn’t just target children. They also targeted adults. This is a smart move, as adults are often the ones who buy the toys for their children. By targeting both children and adults, Mattel was able to reach a wider audience.

Maximise value through strategic upselling

The Barbie marketing campaign didn’t just sell dolls. They also sold a variety of Barbie-branded products, such as clothing (I’m currently eyeing up a t-shirt), accessories, and home goods. This is an excellent way to maximise your returns and secure a larger share of the customer’s spend. Although this won’t apply to all businesses, there is a lesson here, even for service providers. By having an online product or a coaching course that you can automate using a lead generation funnel, you can expand your income stream to multiple avenues.

Be authentic

Barbie is a brand that is known for its authenticity. Other dolls and brands have come and gone, but Barbie has never tried to be anything other than Barbie. This authenticity is one of the things that makes the brand so appealing to people.

✨This is why it’s so important for every brand to establish its values and unique tone of voice to help its uniqueness shine through. Need help? Check out this blog post about how to nail your brand’s tone of voice.

Stay relevant

The Barbie brand has been around for over 60 years and is still strong. This is because they’ve been able to stay relevant to the changing times. They’ve adapted their products and marketing to reflect their target audience’s changing needs and interests.

These are just a few of the marketing takeaways any business can learn from the Barbie marketing campaign.

Consider methods that apply to your business and how to implement them to create a successful, effective marketing campaign for your next launch.

✨FINALLY – if you Google ‘Barbie’ you’ll get a surprise!

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