The Email Marketing Strategy That Will Convert New Leads Into Clients

Email marketing strategy

You need to bring in leads whether you’re a service-based business or an eCommerce shop. But just because someone signs up for your email list doesn’t mean they’ll buy from you, especially if they’re not ready to pull the trigger on their purchase. A good email marketing strategy will close those sales and convert new […]

Don’t Get Locked Out: The Importance of Owning Your Data in Marketing

how to build an email list

Many small businesses and startup entrepreneurs have focused their marketing efforts on prominent social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. So it’s an easy way to get started, right? Well, yes, but it’s only the beginning. As your business grows and your marketing presence expands, you need to take ownership of your data. Otherwise, you […]

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Content marketing tips to shine a spotlight on your business. I use colourful and fun references to teach you how to find marketing and sales opportunities for your business through content strategies that work. As featured on Tailwind. Welcome to the Content Marketing Spotlight newsletter I get it. The internet is a big old space, […]

25 Property Market Hashtags + How to Use Them

Do you want to get your property listings in front of more people? Or do you feel like your content isn’t getting in front of the right audience? Maybe you know you need to use hashtags on your social posts, but you just don’t know where to start. This free online resource will help you […]

Email Marketing Basics for Any Business

Email marketing for beginners

Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to engage and retarget leads. In this feature, Bright Leopard Marketing walks you through email marketing basics that work for any business. Why build an email list? First of all, you own your data which means your business and marketing strategy will be less […]

Free 6-week lead nurturing challenge | Sign up now

Lead Nurturing Challenge

Join the FREE 6-week Lead Nurturing Challenge and learn the secret to converting leads into sales. With 65% of marketers admitting they do not nurture their leads, businesses remain in a great position to stand out from the crowd and increase conversion rates. After all, nurtured leads make 47% more purchases than leads left untouched. […]

How to use client reviews to grow your business

Bright Leopard Marketing reviews

Did you check for reviews the last time you purchased something online or hired someone for a task? With 59% of people seeking out reviews before buying online, you likely answered yes to this question, which is why businesses must collect feedback from existing clients to attract future customers. Review your review process If you […]

4 simple ways to maximise your content

Content marketing tips

You spend hours researching what to post and creating valuable content for your website but what’s next? Great question. With content consumption growing every year, businesses and personal brands can no longer upload a blog post or feature to their website in the hope of their ideal client seeing it. Instead, once you create a […]

Free Buyer Persona Worksheet

Buyer Persona Worksheet download copy

When creating a content marketing strategy, you must always consider what your ideal client needs to know before they buy. What problem does your business/product solve for them? Use this point to get creative and tell a story that empathises with your client’s pain points. How will your business/product help them? Now is the time […]

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